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yMonda IT Services Virus Removal
Never, ever think that it is unlikely to happen to you!

The likelihood is that at some point, you unfortunately will contract a virus, normally by email or from the Internet itself.

If you are currently unprotected, you stand far more chance of infection and also potential data loss. This can cause havoc if you have a network, because a lot of the current viral infections are 'Network Aware' meaning that they will spread to all networked computers.
So, the simple answer is to do away with your Network, stop all incoming emails and never use the Internet???

With careful installation of Antivirus Products, and the configuration of obtaining the updates, we can help you to be pro-active towards the potential disaster, rather than re-active when data may have already been lost.

We recommend that in conjunction with a properly installed Antivirus Solution, a reliable Backup Solution is also implemented.
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