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yMonda IT Services

Ideal as a first computer, a computer for the children or a second home.

General purpose everyday business or residential use.  Fully Internet and network ready.

The yMonda ‘Next Step’ Computer System

The yMonda Next Step Computer System

The yMonda ‘Starter’ Computer System

The yMonda Starter Computer System
All our computer systems are built to customer specifications, and as such, we do not have a ‘Particular Model’ that you can purchase ‘Off The Shelf’.  

We realise that each persons usage is different, therefore we are happy to spend the time with you to discuss your requirements, and create a unique system that fits your needs, and also your pocket!

The systems detailed below are just a starting point to give you a few ideas, and can be tailored to suit, or a completely different specification can be created.

Space a premium?  Look no further.  With its small footprint, it could be ideal in a small living room or bedroom.

The yMonda ‘Next Step Space Saver’ Computer System

The yMonda Space Saver Computer System