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People often ask where the name “yMonda” came from.

We were looking for a name that was unique (like “Kodak”) and had a twist. We also wanted a name that had some resonance regardless of language.

The name actually came from the word “Monday” but with the “y” on the wrong end.

The word “Monda” was seen as having a global ring to it and the small “y” has many connections; yes as in Yes/No, the y axis, the letter itself also means “and” in Spanish and related languages.

So now you know.

What’s In A Name?…

Many thanks for a job well done.  I will make the transfer to your account today.  We will definitely use you again.  Once again, thanks for being so prompt and reliable.

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Many thanks for your continued quick response to our computer disasters.  With your assistance, we are now a more efficient company ourselves, and look forward to another successful year.

Testimonial Testimonial