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What Is SEO?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimisation".

This is where we deal with the task of optimising your web-site to improve its Search Engine ranking.

Do You Need SEO At All?

Strictly, you may not need any SEO. If you are certain that you have (and will continue to have) enough traffic and therefore enough sales you might think that you don’t have to bother with SEO.

However it would make sense to know why you have enough traffic so that you don’t accidentally upset this happy situation.

It is well known that Search Engines highly rank web-sites that are "successful". This success is measured by several factors, some of which are dealt with later on but the key here is "relevant content".

Content is king! It’s a bit of a cliché but if you have interesting content then other sites will eventually find you and link to you and the traffic will flow. If during that content creating process you have managed to structure your content so that it is Search-Engine-friendly and those people creating the inbound links pick up on Key-Words in your content then even better.

If you have a good flow of traffic to your web-site, without consciously carrying out any SEO, then what you have managed to do is replicate some of the processes we use for optimisation.

It is highly likely that you will be able to improve your ranking and therefore your traffic and ultimately your sales, but if you are happy where you are then you need read no further. However a lot of SEO thinking and planning actually relates to more traditional marketing so if you need marketing then you probably also need SEO.

SEO can be split into two main areas, known as On-Page and Off-Page.

On-Page work involves changes to the text and structure of your web-site.

Off-Page work is anything you can do that does not involve any modifications (with a few exceptions e.g. reciprocal links) to your web-site. For example: establishing good inbound links from other web-sites.

The Ultimate Goal Is To Get More Visitors.

However, there is no point in just gaining more visitors if those visitors don’t benefit you, so that needs to be kept in mind as you go through the various stages of optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation...